Waterfilters: Part number:
HC-H single system 9320-21
HC-H twin system 9320-22
HC-H triple system 9320-23
HF-H single system 9326-11
HF-H twin system 9326-12
HF-H triple system 9326-13
HF-H quad system 9326-14
HC-H replacement cartridge 9655-08
HF-H replacement cartridge 9656-16


Ice scoops: Part number:
IM 21/30 204336-01
IM 45/65/FM80/120/170 2H0361-01
IM100 208185-01
KM35 2H0361-01
KM50/75/100/125 1H4123P02
Bin 4A22446-01


Adjustable legs: Part number:
IM 21/30/45 462576-02
IM 100/130/240/DIM30 446729-01
FM 80/120 462576-01
Hoses: Part number:
Water inlet hose 450722-01
Water outlet hose 452365-01

Also available on request:
• drain pump in different sizes
• full range of stands for ice machines and storage bins
• ice machines stainless steel frames with mobile carts