Ice Transport Systems from Hoshizaki include a range of trolleys, carts and bagging methods, that are integrated as storage compartments within the ice machines themselves. Once they are full, simply remove the trolley or the bag full of ice, and carry or wheel it to wherever it is needed, without needing to scoop it from the machine to the receptacle. As well as reducing the prospect of contamination, these methods save valuable time that would otherwise be lost shoveling ice one scoop at a time.

It is imperative that the opportunity for contamination (i.e.from human contact) is kept as remote as possible, while at the same time being able to move the ice in large quantities without human manpower.

The exterior of the bin and base are made of stainless steel and the insulated cart is made of moulded polyethylene. Each unit comes with a standard cart (109kg) and an ice paddle.
• Full stainless steel exteriors
• Stainless steel tops custom-cut for icemaker
• Non-corroding polyethylene liners
• Non-corroding poly snouts and lift doors with PowerHinge
• Non-corroding, insulated cart