Hoshizaki’s range of Ice and/or Water Dispensers is ideal for any situation where a number of people need access to an ongoing ice and/or water supply. As well as being compact and energy efficient, the dispensers utilise a very hygienic method of producing, storing and dispensing ice. Simply by pressing a button, ice and/or water is dispensed into your cup or container. This prevents users from touching the ice and minimizes the chance of any bacterial transfer. Also, because during the ice making cycle, ice is dropped directly into the storage hopper, it has no contact with light or air until it is dispensed. Ambient air is prevented from entering the storage hopper by a close fitting lid and a rubber diaphragm on the dispense mechanism, ensuring the hygienic integrity of the ice. Dispensers are therefore ideal for hospital wards, leisure outlets, self service and fast food restaurants, offices and hotel corridors. Portion control can be easily set, making it easy to regulate the consumption of ice among end-users, further reducing energy consumption and waste.

• DSM produces Shuttle Ice
• DCM produces Cubelet Ice, Ice & Water or Water
• DIM produces Cube Ice (size L)





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