Below you can find the most frequently asked questions.

1. My brand new ice maker doesn't produce any ice after switching it on. How can I fix it?
Answer: Check if the tape holding the bin switch (inside the bin) is removed.

2. I cleaned my IM21CLE (for instance). It is running but eventually the whole process stops.
Answer: At the back of the machine there is a wash switch. It could have been turned off while moving the machine around.

3. What is the best way to clean an ice machine?
Answer: You can find maintenance and cleaning instructions in the Service Manual for your specific ice machine. Go to the Product Page of your specific machine or to 'Downloads' under ‘Service’ in the main navigation bar to find the Service Manual that applies.
4. What is the country of origin of Hoshizaki machines?
Answer: Our IM and FM machines are produced in our European factory in Telford, UK. KM machines up to KM125A  and refrigeration products are produced in China. KM320MAH-E  up to KM1201SAH-E are produced in USA. ispensers,TM, Sushicases and ROX machines
are produced in Japan. All our machines  hold  the Japanese quality standards.
 5. Why choose a water cooled machine instead of air cooled?
Answer: Air cooled machines need a good volume of air below the maximum allowable temperature of 40°C to work properly. The higher the ambient temperature, the more ice production will be reduced, so avoid locations with no ventilation. If a machine is to be placed in an area with minimal ventilation (small closed room) that could become hot, or an area that is hot (kitchen), or an area with lots of other heat generating equipment (wash up area) a water cooled machine may be a better choice to maintain good ice production. 
6. How is it possible to have 720 kg production with the IM240DNE?
Answer: The IM240D machines are modular. This means they can be stacked up to 3 units high to provide 3 x 240Kg ice production. Top machine is always a 'D' unit (DNE), 2nd and 3rd units are 'X' units (XME).
7. How is it possible to change the temperature of the sushi case?
Answer: Unique about the sushi displays of Hoshizaki is that the temperature remains on a constant level. This is the best temperature to keep the sushi fresh and for the window not to fog up. Therefore it is not possible to lower or increase the temperature of a sushi display.